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Yohei: Thank you for your time today. I am very excited to interview you. Thank you.

Will Bowen: My honor. Great to meet to you and it’s great to be here and be with your followers.

Yohei: First of all, I’d like to ask you about your background. So you started your career in radio, selling radio ads. How did you become a pastor, after that?

Will: I sold radio advertising for several decades, and when I was in my early thirties I went through a divorce and I got fired from my job in radio. And I took 5 weeks by myself camping all the way up the coast of the eastern United states, and I asked myself “What was the next thing for me,” and I really felt guided I actually had, I fasted for a week I didn’t eat anything for a week and someone walked in, an elderly couple, walked in and asked me if I was a minister, a pastor and I had thought to myself that that was something I would really like to do and I chose to do that. I changed my life cuz I ended up doing this.

Yohei: So, of course I read your book translated to Japanese edition “Complaint Free World” in Japanese title. You read? So about your book and your method, you created a simple but revolutionary method of how to break complaining. So can you explain how it works to our Japanese audience, who didn’t read your book at all.

Will: Oh sure, it’s very simple. Most people walk around and have no idea what they are thinking or what they’re saying. Studies recently found that people say and think the same thing over and over again as much as 85% of the time. And most of what people are saying is negative. It’s complaining. And so, the idea that I had was to try and help people break that habit. To first make them aware of it, and then to try and stop complaining. So the idea is, you put the bracelet on your wrist, so you notice yours is a different color than mine. We’ve gone through different color iterations over the time. So that is actually, that’s a little bit older. You had yours for a while. And everytime you complain, you take it off your wrist and you move it to the other wrist to make yourself aware. Because the average person complains 15 to 30 times a day. They don’t have any awareness of it. This is a mindfulness exercise. It’s a way of making yourself aware of something that most people do and have no awareness of.

Yohei: That’s a great idea. I do think so. Will: Thankyou. Thank you. So why 21 days?

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